So, I've started volunteering at a bakery that makes vegetarian and vegan breads and cakes. There's a cafe too, but that's closing down (which is sad, as they have piles of organic nuts, teas, seeds...etc and I often get an egg and veg meal whenever I'm there).

Back to the bakery, anyhow: they have a huge variety of different flours. HUGE. And I had an idea.
I'm sampling the breads, to work out which type of grain causes me the least pain and suffering. Why? Not so I can go back to eating bread (I doubt even the "good" stuff is amazing to you in the long run). I just want to know the safest flours I can use, so that, if I ever fancy a cheat (a pizza, for example), I have some ways of making it that will cause minimal damage.

So far:
-quinoa bread is OK, but not an amazing taste
-oats in every form are murder
-standard wheat and buckwheat are bad
-rice flour is tolerable
-spelt wheat causes literally no pain
-rye is killmurder
-anything with soy is reflux-and-mucus-city
-tuber-based flours are fine

I only have a small taste and try to space them out, so I can tell which one causes what. I haven't had many craving-control issues so far, but I feel it's worth-while, especially as the flour they use is non-mass-produced and, where possible, 100% organic. It's basically the type of flours current tribal people make: not a wonder-food, but at least natural. So anything that doesn't kill me is worth noting, in case I ever want a "proper" pizza or am forced to go very low budget.

Have you ever considered doing some "tests" to find your lesser-evils?