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Thread: Heart Rate Elevated

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    Heart Rate Elevated

    Hi everyone, I am new and this is the first time I have posted. I started my primal journey last Jan, 2012. I lost 40 lbs by May, and was very exited. However, when people would see me they would ask "are you OK?" I think they thought I had cancer, and to be honest, I was kind of pale all the time. Blood work was awesome, blood pressure was low, and resting heart rate was 41. At my max effort, interval training on Precor Eliptical, my heart rate would get to about 161-6. Fell off the wagon in June when I saw sagging skin on my abdomen (that's my story wasn't the Blue Bell Pecan Praline ice cream), gained all the weight back and finished out the year where I started.

    So, Jan 13 started again, very easy for me to lose weight. However, this time I have kept my color, my blood pressure is a little elevated (124/65), resting heart rate 55, and now, doing the same level of effort on the Eliptical I top out at 175-80.

    Does anybody have any input? Why would I be having healthier weightloss and higher heart rate this time? I feel great, no dizziness, but I'm a 52 year old man that weighs about 238 lbs (loss 22 lbs since Jan 1st) My fasting blood sugar is 85, and like I said my lipids are great. My goal is 190lbs by December.

    Thank You,
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