Hey Everyone,
I had followed a similar style way of eating but also incorporated intense exercise (p90x + crossfit) a few years ago with some success but had a really tough time quitting my sugar addiction and not much support from people around me who supplied most of my meals. Thanks Mom. : )
I am happily returning to this way of eating and exercise after finding Marks daily apple. I love his whole viewpoint on the moderation of life and healthy movement/food/time balance

I am also now in healthcare and my business is extremely dependent on the failing 3rd party insurance system. I have been looking for a way out and am wondering if this is the way. Have any other doctor/Pt/chiro/RN Primal Blueprint followers broken away from the insurance model and gone into movement training/nutritional coaching without branding themselves as a crossfit box? How long did it take? What short term setbacks did you endure? what long term setbacks do you feel affected you?

Any and all advice is appreciated.