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Thread: Extra Virgin CO vs MCT Oil?

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    Its not a hack, its a supplement thats proven to help. We are talking 100-200 calories here. It can easily be added to a well balanced and thought out diet plan.

    You are talking about all these other strategies for fat loss, fasting, caffiene, no late night eating, sugar. I agree that all those can be used strategically for fat loss just like a tbs or two of coconut oil.
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    MCTs are even more of an ideal energy source than glucose. They don't require bile to be broken down, nor carnitine transport to enter the mitochondria, thus they have numerous benefits on the mitochondria, liver, thyroid, as well as suppression of stress induced enzymes, stimulation of energy production in fat cells, etc;

    Coconut oil is hardly nutritionless, just because it lacks vitamins and minerals, its health benefits are numerous. I always get at least 2 tsp of coconut oil per day.

    Link is relevant to OP, as it shows the difference between MCT and LCT(olive oil)

    Medium-chain triglycerides increase energy expendit... [Obes Res. 2003] - PubMed - NCBI

    Basically, olive oil is junk and worthless
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    Thanks to everyone for the information and opinions!

    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    They're not the same thing. MCT is a...
    I get that, what I meant was that I thought mct oil was included, in the same state, in CO (along w other things that can be refined out in the process of creating refined mct oil. I have a short response to all the suggestions "Why not do/eat _ instead?" Because mct oil works better for me and seems to have no adverse effects or significant conflicts w the way I choose to eat and live.

    I realize that I did not control every variable in my experiment, I realize that Grok didn't buy or refine mct oil, I realize oil is not (usually) a food and I realize there are other approaches.... none of this changes my decision.

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