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Thread: Paleo Fantasies

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    Paleo Fantasies

    I've noticed Mark and others in the primal/paleo community taking a lot of what I think is unfair criticism over the years for things they either didn't say or misinterpretations of what they actually said.

    There's a new book coming out called "Paleofantasy" for instance that claims to debunk the paleo diet, though the marketing for it shows complete ignorance of what claims are actually made by the mainstream paleo community (we're addicted to potato chips because they crunch like the bugs our ancestors ate?!). Of course, we will have to wait for the actual release to pass proper judgment on the book.

    Nonetheless, inanities do persist in the primal/paleo community. There are a few things that I would call bonafide "Paleo Fantasies" (see link below).

    7 Paleo Fantasies

    I'm curious, what things do you hear commonly said by primal/paleos that are either misinterpretations of primal/paleo, ridiculous, or just plain wrong?
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