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Thread: this morning for breakfast..

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    Fish and bacon....mmmmm.... a mighty combination!

    This is a great recipe for combining the two and is real comfort food. You can leave out the potatoes for primalness!

    Nigel Slater's Nordic recipes | Life and style | The Observer

    Yum! Might have to make this again soon......

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    My mom used to keep a mug of bacon fat in the fridge to fry everything with! But we still had cereal for breakfast as children.

    Today I had primal banana pancakes-may have to lay off these for a while..delicious but too high in sugar for me.

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    Fish and bacon sounds fantastic ... I'll work this idea in for breakfast some time.

    My childhood breakfast was porridge. Just porridge and only porridge ... only ever porridge.

    Now, I tend not to "breakfast", preferring a shell/fish salad around noon. Weekends, I'll have a late breakfast around 10 or 11 AM in place of lunch. I like fish - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, fish fillet with a poached egg, seaside greens, kippers, that sort of thing.

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    My favourite childhood breakfasts were what my Mum called "bubble and squeak", basically she would beat an egg, add leftover veges and fry it all up (probably in dripping or butter, now I know it's all primal).

    Or mince on toast.

    I'm pretty sure we didn't breakfast like this every day, since I also have many memories of porridge, weetbix and burnt toast. Actually I kind of liked that.

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    Froot Loops, Sugar Frosties, Coco Pops, or plain rice bubbles or Wheat Bix if we were broke. Porridge occasionally in winter with lots of golden syrup and the cream off the top of the milk. Yum.

    Bacon and eggs were a treat, but only accompanied by lots of toast (to make the expensive bacon go further).

    Nowdays it's eggs by themselves or with bacon/meat and/or veg, and cooked with fat. How times change.

    Don't think I am up for fish for brekky though....

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