I was wondering if anyone faces this challenge or something similiar. I drive about 750 miles a week for work and have 2 beautiful kiddies under 3 at home so going to a gym is out of the question. I have no choice but to workout b/c if I don't I get moody and stressed out. I injured my back and thanks to a little dose of PTSD from my deployments overseas, if I sit still too long or become too inactive my fibromyalgia flares up. With this in mind I had to adjust my workout routine to maximize what little time I do have. Since I do not have the ability to go to the gym or have a consistent, solid workout at home I have decided on training throughout the day. I shoot for a certain number of reps per day and will try my best to knock sets out every 45 minutes to an hour. I use the weekends as for my rest and I am about add sprints to my Sundays. I focus solely on body weights but will occasionally add a few weights here and there to change things up.

Typical workout on an average day
Push-ups Variation - 150-175 per day
Squats - 125-150 per day
Dips - 50-75 per day
Sit-ups - 125-200 per day
Stairs (5 flights) 3-4x per day
Pull-ups 50-75 per day
Heavy Bag (twice per week)

Does anyone else have little to mo time to workout and also any suggestions on what I could add to break up the monotony? I love my workouts and they keep me energized throughout the day but I am always looking for things to add. Thanks for any suggestions.