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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley.thepie.rat View Post
    I measure everything..but self control is hard when you have a huge jar of its easier for me to just eat one quest bar, than try to control & trust myself to count out & eat only a few nuts.
    You can manage to have a Quest bar ready to eat after workout. Yet the only option for you were you to choose nuts is to have a huge jar and eat fistfuls. Somehow I think there is ground between the two.

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    Sooo... if you're open to trying alternative bars that are more primal/paleo friendly you might want to hear me out.

    I just bought some "Perfect Food Bars". The ingredient list looks pretty darn clean and the protein and net carbs is comparable to the Quest Bars (which I also tried. They taste like funk.)
    the only issue some purists might have with the Perfect Food Bars is peanut butter as the main ingredient
    Perfect Foods Bar — Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

    they taste awesome, though, and you have to refrigerate them or else they'll spoil. I dunno about you, but anything that can go bad (in my opinion) is good for you!
    --Trish (Bork)

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