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Thread: The Mediterranean diet study

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    Well you just gave me a whole lot of Wikipedia to check out. I'll be a pro on the Balkans in no time

    Although I don't have scientific studies and to support my thesis I definitely do believe their diet is amazing! I saw the proof first hand.. maybe I had a few to many beers :P
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    They can never make up their mind about what constitues a Mediterranean diet.
    I watched a British diet show where they sent dieters to stay with a morbidly obese family in Crete, and they talked about how Crete once had the healthiest population in the world but their traditional diet has been replaced by one high in restaurant food and meat. They really harped on the meat thing.
    However, they also talked about how traditionally it's a huge honor to slaughter an animal for guests, and they really freaked out the Brits when they had them watch the dad kill a goat he'd raised. Then when the mom was cooking it the narrator said that goat meat was in low in fat but 'she's smothered it in olive oil.'
    They couldn't even make up their mind what their message was within one show!

    Overall, all these places that people talk about being so much healthier...there isn't a totally clear trend that it's vegetarianism, that's it's a low-fat diet, even that it's a grain free diet, but there does seem to be a trend that it's less processed food. No one seems to want to highlight that message though.

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