I'm generally healthy, though I suffer with constipation a lot. I've tried higher fat, and lower carb, higher carb and more protein... lots of vegetables, no vegetables. I bought and took high-doses of probiotics. None of which seem to work.

(I was never breast fed, so am wondering if that's a factor). Perhaps I need a fecal transplant?

I've been considering taking some supplemental foods, in the hope that they would help, but am not sure which would be better. I'm thinking of either, or, a combination of:

  • raw goats milk,
  • making kefir with raw goats milk,
  • making kombucha,
  • or buying some FCLO with the X Factor butter.

I'm leaning away from the Kombucha (too much sugar) and the FCLO (high cost and do I really need it? Will it help?)

And more toward the kefir/raw goat milk.

I tolerate dairy, so the goats milk would perhaps be a good option. What do you think? From a health point of view, it's increased nutrition, but will it help with constipation issues?