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Thread: Tips on what NOT to do.

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    I made avocado deviled eggs a while back (straight up replaced the mayo in the recipe with fresh avocado)... Be careful when adding flavor enhancing things to this mixture. The avocado will eventually absorb the flavoring, so overdoing the mustard to get it to taste right before filling them makes for SUPER MUSTARDY BADNESS in a few hours when you serve them.

    Also, I recommend a little bit of minced onion ON TOP instead of IN... will make a huge flavor difference =)

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    The plastic liner under the chicken - bwah hah hah! Thanks - tough day at work and I needed the laugh, everyone is now looking at me cause I'm supposed to be reading a whitepaper ....

    Here's my advice - when the power goes out for two weeks, actually check what you're putting in the pot (in the dark) on the gas burner for stew. Some ice packs feel alot like semi-frozen chicken thighs.
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    Don't trust the coworker who says she's going to make home made sloppy joes for the office pot-luck. When she says she's going to make them "home made", that means she added brown sugar and ketchup to the canned sloppy joe slop.

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    Don't boil chicken chicken thigh quarter bones with ribs for stock unless you plan to strain it in cheesecloth. Some of the bones that separate are TINY.

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