I'm newly-retired from the practice of medicine after some 30 years. I've been around MDA for a while, but this is a new journal, a journal of healing for me. ME: 57, HLA-B27 + (which means I have spinal arthritis on an autoimmune basis), treated for Lyme and Bartonella infections a year or so ago; former long distance cyclist, former Crossfit instructor rather felled by poor health and life stress about 5 years ago and still crawling my way out of that poor health space.

The hardest part of it all is that I KNOW....deep in my bones....what vibrant health and abundant energy feel like, because I've been there as recently as 5 years ago, when I was 52. Now....well, let's just say I'm 50 pounds heavier than my athletic self and while I am not ILL, I am nowhere near that vibrant wellness of a short half-decade ago. I want it back.

I know if I go to my rheumatologist, I will be offered Humira; if I go to my Lyme doc, I will be offered antibiotics. I want neither of those things. So next week, I will be working with an alternative health care person, who works intensely with nutrition. I know he starts his patients out on a diet of grassfed meat, fowl, fish and non-nightshade veggies, with some berries, coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee for fats. No eggs, no dairy, no nuts, no coffee no tomatoes, potatoes, or peppers.

I'm a pretty good "liberal" Primal-type eater, but I do eat homemade yogurt, the nightshades, and 2 cups of coffee a day. So I'm starting to stock up on coconut milk, coconut oil, and bags and bags of frozen organic greens! I hope my family will still love me.

My high weight was 213 lbs.; I'm down to 195 over the past year (thanks to liberal Primal eating). But I used to weigh a nice lean 145 on 5'7" tall frame. I know i can't crossfit or do distance cycling any more (I have spinal fusions from C3 to C7 and poor balance now) but I am NOT going to go gently into the good night!!!!!

My plan for exercise (after 1 more week of post-op recovery from last operation, a hysterectomy) is to ease into yoga and walking and hire a personal trainer for careful strength work.

I'll be sharing this journey back to health with ya'll.

skipped brekkie
Lunch: a few pieces of herring with Bubbe's saurkraut and a dab of homemade sour cream
Dinner: chicken wings cooked in mole sauce and coconut milk over cooked butternut squash.

Supplements: psyllium (post-op sluggish bowel), fermented cod liver oil, VSL #3 (operative antibiotics)