Just felt like sharing my annoyance. I know we all have situations like this.


I pulled my lunch from the fridge in the breakroom. Aaaah, good food. Happy.

I took off the lid and smiled down at my beautiful salad (maybe I love food a little TOO much).
I should have taken a picture.

A bed of romaine and spinach, covered with chicken, bacon, egg, peppers, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, avacado, and my 'homemade healthy ranch'...with fork in hand, I was almost blissful. Blissful at work...now that's impressive.

...and then...

"You call that a salad? Look at all that fat! OMG, you have more toppings than lettuce!"


When I do eventually snap, I want it to be good. I usually just say, "Yep, mmmm fat!" or "I love a salad with a personality," or something lame like that.

Possible one-liners I like (just for fun, I picture myself dropping a mic after saying these)
- Why don't you get back to shoving those 100 calorie packs down your gullet?
- I'm sorry, what was your weight again?
- And how IS that Weight Watchers plan going for you?
- ???

Note: I will never, ever use these. But it's fun to daydream about the reaction I would get.