I started "running"(actually somewhere between a slow shuffle an a brisk walk) 6 days a week per Phil Maffetone's formula 180- age. and I have a question for those of you that are more familiar with the program.

I have not read the Big Book yet (on a tight budget) but have tried my best to cull as much info from the internet (far from ideal I know). From what I've read he seems to discourage any other strenuous excercise (particularly weight lifting). Im currently lifting weights 3x week, pretty low volume: back squats, pull ups, pushups, curls and narrow grip bench press. I'm also doing yoga 3-4x per week.

Here's my question: since I'm primarily doing the maffetone for weight loss and increasing my speed is of secondary importance ( I'm one of those odd ducks that doesn't mind the "atta boy's" and the snide looks/comments about the slow guy) will I still derive the benefit of weight loss in the near term and perhaps be able to increase my speed as my body adapts to the total volume of work?