Life is calm right now, so I am taking the time to journal.

I have been low carb for 2 years now. Focused on paleo for much of it, but am backing off on those guidelines a bit. I get the biggest bang for the buck from low carb whole foods, but dialing it in too tight with pure paleo is stressful.

Recently have been doing EMF (eat more fat). Feel amazing with it! Takes away any last remaining cravings. Luv it!

At 50 years old, I am happy with my body. Could try to lose a bit more fat, but why? I have a bit of curves, and I like that look (so does hubby). So, the only two people that get a vote here agree. Yeah! Did you ever notice that thin old people continue to get thinner and unhealthy looking?

Anyway. New short term goals: stop using the scale. Maybe once per week to stay in check. Eat more fat, but cut back a bit on all the added liquid fat I added. Continue to sprint and lift heavy things. 2x per week each. That's it. Low key, easy goals.