Alright so im going to try and use this as some where to dump how im doing, and how my progress is going. A little about me and what i have been going through. First off my name is Michael Bryant im 25 6ft1 and weigh in at 260 (though when i look at other people at 260 i dont look like that). I have of course got sucked into doing the typical thing we all do and hit the gym super hard 5 days a week and grind out what i can all the time. This past summer i kept doing the grind of running 5-10 miles a day and hitting 2 different classes at the YMCA some days i felt good but most i felt burnt out and wasnt enjoying myself very much at all. The only thing keeping me going with that was all the mud runs i do (the hardest being tough mudder here in WA). So when the season of mud runs died my drive for the grind was not there anymore. I have recently in the last 3 months taken up a new hobby of playing soccer (which is a blast). This is where i had a friend hand me the primal blueprint and said i would benefit greatly from it.

So i think he is right. I purchased the 21 day challenge as well and i have taken it up as a challenge. I think its fun that vibrams are a big thing here because i have been the odd ball for about 2 years now (i wear them every day everywhere). Yesterday was a hard day because it was "the purge" as my girlfriend was calling it. It felt like everything that was good was going in the garbage. Then off to trader joes and stocked up on lots of green beans, bell peppers, onions, kale, lettuce, spinach, leeks, cucumber, some meats. Also grabbed some spices to try and make up some good eats.

I think the hardest (and best for me) is going to be cooking breakfast (before work which starts at 7am), and cooking dinner (after work i just want to eat quick and relax). Some of the easy stuff for me is moving a lot (im a facilities guy we move all day) though i will be using a bike/eliptacle we have here at lunch times for 10 minutes or so. Question though on the sprints. i play soccer every Sunday (soon to be wed/sun), and i sprint a LOT would this count as a sprint work out (i probably sprint more then a work out)? I will also be hitting the YMCA with my carpool monday - Thursday which wil make the being active a lot easier. The hard part will be telling my group "no im not doing that" because they are the grind it out until you want to die .

I havnt found the best source yet for my organic meats but im still looking around here in my area. Hopefully i will find something soon.

Ill be posting my 21 day challenge stuff on here also to keep me honest as well as what food im stuffing in my mouth. Feel free to throw me pointers or hit me with "dont do that"s. I cant fix anything if i dont know im doing something wrong.