I am a 47 year old mother of three that is getting married in 5 months and 6 days (not that I am counting).

I workout and eat fairly healthy although I love my beer, wings and nachos. Over the past year due to chronic back issues and well, being happy, I have gained what I like to call the fiance' 15. I was always 10 pounds away from my perceived goal. I say perceived because I haven't been that weight in a very long time, I am very critical of the way I look and honestly, I won't know until I get there if it is where I want to be. I have lots of aches and pains, gastroesophageal relux and chronic cough after I eat and this is after I eat ANYTHING. An apple, carrot stick - all foods cause this to happen.

I have been working out and dieting diligently since January 1 and had lost .4 pounds..... that is right -POINT FOUR!!! Out of frustration I started doing google searches. I realized age was a factor as far as changes with hormone levels, but seriously - .4?! I am not a novice at the gym or in the weight loss arena. I stumbled upon BP and when I started reading about it I was intrigued. I was MORE intrigued by the health claims then the weight loss. The thought of waking up without hurting and having digestive issues under control would be amazing to me. The thought of sleeping is exciting too. I don't - hardly ever. I wake up all night with pain. I cannot recall the last time that I have slept through the night without medication. I HATE taking meds to sleep so I don't unless I am in a really bad place emotionally from fatigue. I get medication hangover very easily - even with the natural supplements. Sleep to me is something I gave up on a long time ago - but if I can figure it out - OH MY GOODNESS - NIRVANA!!!!

I started last Monday - February 18 - half-assed. I didn't have the book. I HAD lost an additional 1.4 pounds the week prior - and have lost 2 more by simply following the BP and not even to the letter. I have ordered and received and am reading the book. What I have noticed is that the belly bloat that never goes away is nearly gone....the three babies I had did their damage and only surgery will fix that - but that I don't mind. I am regular - TMI - yes...but for me, this has been a lifelong issue and it isn't - THAT amazes me!!!!

My fiance is a meat eater and is so excited!! I am not a vegetarian, but not a huge fan of red meat. BUT, I am going to try new things and since he does most of the cooking, he is over the moon to cook something other than chicken! He is very supportive of my fitness and weight loss goals. He has joined my gym and is also doing PB with me. Even my 18 year old daughter texted me this morning and said - ok, what can I have for lunch?

I am suffering from fatigue this morning, but feel confident it is a temporary thing and am just SO excited about all of this. It just makes sense to me. I can do 80/20 no problem!!! I am going to be one hot bride come August - however, I need to be that hot bride by June for the dress fitting!

I am so happy I found the book and this website. I can feel the tides turning!!!