Hi all,

I am about 1 month into the paleo living adaptation period and am already loving the extra feeling of energy, leaner body and increased performance in training.

I am a competitive rugby sevens player which has very different demands to conventional rugby. It requires a blend of explosive power for acceleration, tackling, jumping or even wrestling for a ball, repetitive sprints and endurance as you can cover up to 2 miles per game(which lasts 14 minutes). The games are played as tournaments so you play between 4 - 6 games in a day depending on whether you make the cup finals. This means you often have to wait between 30mins to 3hours between matches depending on the tournament. Therefore your body tends to cool down and shut down after a 30 min rest.

The training for this involves a mix of sprints, middle distance runs at a relative pace and strength/explosive training.

As i am still learning, I am trying to learn how many carbs I should be consuming during the training periods as most of them are intense. Also, on tournament days I find it hard to eat anything in between matches, is there a good way to keep energy levels up and feel loose without having to eat much? advice is much appreciated on the best nutrition routine.