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Thread: How much do you actually eat?

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    I had 2 eggs with ~ 1/2 cup egg whites cooked in water, and a cup of green juice (cucumber, kale, 1/2 apple and a stalk of celery). I have been up for 6 hours so far, did 30 Clean and Jerks as a morning workout (55 lbs), made breakfasts, lunches, prep for supper, got to work, standing now for a couple of hours at work. I am thinking of eating something else, but waiting hoping it's enough for a miracle. Gonna go for a run at lunch... 2 lbs heavier this morning than yesterday after the weekend, as always, so need to keep it as low as I can without stopping work altogether. I brought very rich pork soup for lunch with daicon, shiritake and bock choy (2 cups) . 2 boiled eggs and radishes for supper, with a grapefruit (I have a course from 6 pm to 9 pm). And (shame on me!) a banana. The major challenge to make myself not to eat more than 1 tbsp of honey with tea once I come home after 10 pm...
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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    I eat gigantic portions of food. But a lot of it is veggies prepared without fat.
    OH yal definitely. If you go by volume, the answer is alot. Nowadays 2-3 pounds of plant food and up to about 1lb of meat/eggs. Sometimes .5 sometimes 1lb. I love meat but I eat alot of veggies and BAS too.
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