Alright, I've been addicted to many things. Cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine...among other things but those were the worst.

Now I'm clean as far as drugs and alcohol go, but for the past month the longest I've been able to go without binging on sugar has been two weeks. Now, that's worlds better than it was before going primal. Before I'd eat sugar all day everyday and still binge in the evenings on even more sugar, as well as on other foods but I really think the binging was centered mostly on sugar.

So now that I've decided to give up sugar and am finding it difficult to do so I'm starting to feel a true addiction. The feelings I get in my gut and brain during a truly terrible urge to binge are very similar to the urge I have to do drink myself silly or go get high. The thing is, the urge for a line of cocaine is usually very faint, but if someone were to put a ready made line right in front of my face and say 'here you go, no one's going to be upset if you do this' the urge becomes 1,000 times stronger. Basically I constantly am being presented with ready to eat sugar and no one is going to say anything or care if I eat it until I puke.

Even in viewing sugar as a drug and an addictive substance I'm finding it hard to ignore those horrific urges.

I am just trying to stay as primal as I can and avoid having too many carbs in one sitting, but I broke last night and had two bowls of marshmallow cereal and sweet tarts and then this morning, before I knew it, I was eating candy from the candy drawer at work. Now, I know some people say things 'in moderation' or follow the 80/20 but this is nothing like my decision to eat questionable meat at a sit in diner, this is me out of control doing something I don't want to be doing that is negatively affecting my health.

So...what do you do when you're faced with that urge? Sometimes eating fruit or berries helps me, but not always. Sometimes it just makes it worse. Do any of you abstain from sugar completely? Have any of you overcome a sugar addiction? I am really struggling with it right now, but I believe sugar is the sole reason I'm overweight. Maybe it's crazy thought, but after listening carefully to my body that's the conclusion I'm coming too. My binges are driven by an uncontrollable urge to consume sugar. I don't binge on any other foods, not even bread. I need to treat sugar like a drug and break the habit, but I'm just having hard time with that right now.