Hi guys. My name is Meg and I'm from Brooklyn, NY. I have an issue I have not been able to find on here, and would like some advice.

I had anorexia from about 2004-2007, bulimia 2006-2012 with some overlap and relapses. Hospitalized, drugs, the whole thing, yay! For the most part, I'm healthy and recovered. I'm 5'8 and weigh 135 (as opposed to 106). I was vegan from 06-09, was raised vegetarian before then, only started eating meat in 2011.

My sister started doing Primal to get rid of a bunch of health problems and to get pregnant- which she did, and her health problems cleared away (blood sugar issues, thyroid, polyps, etc) I have similar issues and I have been doing Primal since about a week ago. In particular, my blood pressure is very very low and my blood sugar is out of whack. I pass out very easily and I'm nauseated all the time. I got the ok from my doctor to start eating this way, by the way.

I initially started eating about 80 carbs a day, but that was impossible for me, the carb flu was so intense. I literally was falling asleep at my job, did not have the strength to walk a few blocks, fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 6 feeling exhausted. My feet were always asleep or tingling, terrible muscle spasms and my joints hurt. I was mentally fogged and started crying at the drop of a hat. Terrible migraines that I haven't had since high school. It was like the worst depression of my life, and that's saying something. I upped to 100-150 carbs a day. I don't feel quite as bad but I still am very very tired, very sad, very achey and headachey, and mentally fogged. Like being unpleasantly drunk all the time. I read about the carb flu and people say it takes weeks or months to get over- I don't think I can do that, if it's going to be this bad. I have a creative job and I can't be mentally fogged, plus I walk 4 miles a day back and forth to my job.

I eat a lot of eggs, meat (lamb, beef mostly) and lots of fat- probably 3x the fat I'm used to eating. For carbs I eat berries, leafy greens, sweet potatoes.

I am wondering, since my diet was about 70-80% carb before, is this very strong reaction just what my body needs to recover? Or has my crazy eating (in bulimic days, I could eat 4,000 calories of nothing but sugary carbs in one sitting) just messed my body up so bad? Non bulimic I used to eat a lot of sugar and just recently quit smoking (about 2 months ago) if that helps.

Ok, sorry that was so long. I guess I want to know, has anyone ever had it this bad, or been in a similar situation, and is there a solution?