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Thread: Not able to maintain Low Carb

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    Not able to maintain Low Carb

    Just reaching out to the Primal Community to see if anybody had similar experiences...

    Eating low-carb clean Paleo, I'm able to maintain about 3 or 4 days max of eating low-carb. Things like eggs, all kinds of meats, butter, lard, and vegetables all to satiety. I'm always in tune with the "eating messages" of my body. I eat when I'm hungry and don't overeat. I feel good but then I run into a wall.

    About the 3rd or 4th day, however, my body sends out these insatiable urges to eat some carbohydrates. No matter how much protein, fat, or veggies I eat, I don't feel satisfied. I'm on a single pointed hunt for carbs. It's only when I eat some Paleo carbs (fruit, tubers, honey, etc.) that I can finally feel full and stop having food on my mind.

    Anybody with a similar experience? Suggestions?

    What if it's a nutritional deficiency? For a long time, I've been following Dr. Phinney's advice to increase sodium levels on a low carb diet to maintain energy levels.

    Here's a link to a potassium recommendation for optimal health. They recommend 4,700 mg a day. I don't think that number is achievable without eating a ton of produce (fruits & vegetables). That's a lot but it's a number I will be aiming for.

    Definitely, not getting enough from the foods I normally eat. Not eating enough vegetables and compounding that with consuming a lot of sodium.

    Potassium in 100g of steak - 310 mg of Potassium.
    1 Egg - 90mg
    Chicken - 250mg

    No wonder I've been craving these foods. Potatoes, Bananas, Oranges, Spinach, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, even Milk. They are high in Ka.
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