Hi everyone!

So I was wondering, from a purely carb/sugar/glucose perspective, does it matter on any given day what we eat? The following is not for weight loss, but general health.

If for example I ate three sweet potatoes over the course of 6 hours, that puts me at around 120 grams.

If for example I ate: 2 red apples, 1 green/black 85% chocolate bar and 2 tablespoons of raw honey (breakfast, lunch, diner) I am at around 120 grams.

Again, vitamin/mineral aside, does it make a difference? Granted the insulin reaction will be far swifter in example 2, but the numbers are still very manageable.

I am asking, because if we were to treat carbs as sugar it becomes mentally simpler to manage. Granted the fructose element still exists, in that sense, carbs do differ, but in the two examples above the fructose count is not THAT different.

What are your thoughts?