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Thread: Carb cycling questions

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    Carb cycling questions

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    I am female, at a healthy weight but would like to lean out a bit. I do body weight workouts and some interval workouts. Recently have dropped carbs/cals some to try to drop fat, but feel a little weak.
    I've heard a lot about carb cycling. Is it only for body builders? Can this work for someone like me? If so, I'm hoping someone educated can provide some guidelines. Everything I seem to find via google pertains to body builders.
    Should I "carb load" two meals a week? Two full days a week?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    You might consider the Leangains approach. Lots of good info on the web site. Although I am oversimplifying, it is restricted eating window with heavy lifting a few days a week while cycling calories and carbs up on workout days. More to it than that, but that is the gist. My goals are similar to yours. I am finding that I need to adjust something to below 12% BF (male).

    Either being more careful about calories, timing, and macro ratios, or perhaps lifting harder and more consistently, or perhaps caring more about the goal.

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    You don't need to do leangains.
    Consume most of your carbs around your workouts, especially afterwards, and limit them at other meals.

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