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Thread: Exhausted- what happened to my energy?!

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    Exhausted- what happened to my energy?!

    I don't know if this is the Low Carb flu or what...

    I was feeling great: started the Blueprint at the beginning of March, but went completely off the rails over Easter- lots of travel, family stress, and packing up the house took their toll. I have been getting back on track, and lost the pounds I had re-gained during my lapse fairly easily.

    Still- I haven't been getting the weight or inch loss others have been getting. Part of that is that I wasn't cleared to be active (I messed up my back moving boxes.) I thought that maybe I should cut my carbs a little- maybe that would do the trick. So I have been shooting for around 50 a day, and avoiding fruit. I eat around 1800 calories a day- 60-70% fat, the rest is pretty much protein and my 50 g. carbs. I have quite a bit of weight I would like to lose- at least 50 lbs.

    The chiropractor finally cleared me for light exercise last Thursday- I did some walking pretty much every day. But the past three days- I haven't done anything- I have been exhausted. This contrasts pretty heavily with how I felt when I initially started- like I could fly if I wanted to. The past three days, I estimate that I have, between a good night's sleep and the involuntary naps I take whenever I sit down, slept at least 12 hours a day. Nothing is getting done, and my husband is starting to worry, because this is really out of character for me.

    Anyone else experience this? I am thinking I might need to up my carbs...or should I just wait and see/power through it?
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