I hope someone here can advise. I am middle aged female, 5 feet tall and weighing around 152 pounds. I haven't weighed myself since a week before Christmas as it's just depressing really!

I have been reading lots of stuff on the internet about lean body weight. Want I wanted to know was how I determine this. And when I do, what is it telling me. One site indicated that it would be around 95 pounds for my height etc. Does that mean I am supposed to weigh 95 pounds plus 20% on top for fat?? So in total around 115 pounds?

I guess I should weigh around 8.5 stones which is 119 pounds so it must be about right. But getting down to 20% fat is going to be hard.

Exercise is not top of my list of things to do right now - so many other things to think about - but if I do get back into it then it's likely to be swimming (very slow and inefficient so I work harder, lol) and walking. I used to do karate and running, but those days are now behind me. Knees not up to it.

I'm also a vegetarian, just to complicate things. But I remember reading Mark's carb curve a couple of years ago and I do seem to lose weight at a rate of 2-3 pounds a week when I stay within the 50-100 carbs a day. But I struggle to eat enough calories as I don't like too much added fat etc.

Fish might have to be brought onto the menu, and eggs - I feel queezy when I think of eggs and fish, but I can't see any way round it. I tried the MacDougall diet for a couple of days but was so hungry.

Definitely an eating disorder going on here. I only gained weight in my mid-forties when I stopped the karate and running.

I realise this post doesn't relate to Paleo much, but the principle of it I am in agreement with, ie eating unprocessed and home cooked healthy foods, just no meat in my case.

thanks - hope someone can advise on the fat % and the lean body weight (or have I answered my own question).