Hi, my name is Kelli, I am new to primal - 3weeks exactly! Doing good, feel better then I ever have and down 10 pounds. I did give up all refined carbs, sugar and even sugar substitute (Stevia, Splenda, Truvia). I am all primal.
I have searched several PALEO sites including this one and read the 21 day primal blueprint but still have some questions that I do not want to wonder about, one site says one thing and another site says different? help!

#1. I have been primal for 3weeks - this whole week I have had a horrible headache, still drinking my 1-2 cups black coffee (gave up coffee mate creamer and sugar). I do use regular table salt (always have)any idea why the headaches?

#2.Bacon: IS it ok or is NOT or is it in moderation? I am struggling to find Nitrate free bacon.

#3. Sweet Potatoes - if trying to loose weight is this OK in moderation?

#4 condiments: Is ketchup, BBQ sauce and most sauces ok if they are sugar free/fructose free?

Thank you in advance for the clarification and answers