Beware - long and involved story - move onto another thread now - if you do not do long and involved..........

okay so a wee bit of background........
We live in a wee gaggle of 10/12 acre blocks.
Neighbour has foxy/jack russell cross dog called AAA
Whenever I go to neigbours house AAA comes at me hackles up teeth bared, think viscous nasty dog attack !!!!!
Solution - I don't visit neighbour. I have never done anything nasty to this dog, I used to baby sit the dog and play and have fun with dog, dog has never actually bitten me.
I am presuming AAA is very territorial - hence my solution....................

Now for the actual problem.........
on the other side of my neighbour lives Bob and Dotty (not their real names as I am sure you can tell). Bob and Dotty have a 10 year old daughter called Meesha. Bob, Dotty and Meesha share a driveway with 6 other families.
Anyhoo the last 10 acres off the driveway lives AAA.
SO after school Meesha gets dropped off on main road by school bus and walks up the shared driveway to her house.
When she nears her house - on two occassions, AAA has come out of its own property, doing the whole nasty teeth baring, raised hackles thing and gone for Meesha.
Meesha has managed to run to the wooden fence, climb up out of reach, with AAA chomping at her ankles, and jumping up at Meesha.
AAAs owner finally hears commotion and calls AAA back into property, not having seen anything that has gone on..................
Bob and Dotty have explained situation to AAAs owner, but have also asked me for advice - what to do if it happens again.
Okay obvious answer is call the Police. But I don't think that anything can be done unless skin has been compromised. And yes I know this is not MY problem, but we are talking a defenceless kid here.
So my question to the group is this . How do we as an adult defend ourself against nasty teeth baring hackle raised dogs - big or small.................. and whilst you are at it - how does a child defend themselves ?????