So, my husband has just been diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia (he's 32). He's had pain and all sorts of symptoms for years (I've begged him to go off of gluten many a time, as I think he is very sensitive to gluten and dairy, and that it would make a huge difference in his life...) Anyway, this past week he jumped in w/ both feet and is *mostly* primal--totally gluten and dairy free, but had a couple of servings of white rice (cooked in bone broth) this week, staying between 100-150 carbs. He's really doing an amazing job at this, and I'm sooooo thrilled! (He's definitely feeling the low carb flu, which I'm trying to assure him is totally normal.)

He also started taking vit D (D3), CoQ10, and he's been taking fish oil and ALIVE! whole food multivitamins for a while. I'm wanting to get him a really good probiotic, which is something I think he's lacking and might make a big difference. (I do lots of probiotic foods here like kraut, kimchi, non-dairy kefir, lacto fermented pickles, etc., but he won't touch them...)

I'm wondering if anyone here has experience w/ fibromyalgia, and what has helped your symptoms. Have you found PB eating to be helpful? (I'm guessing yes!) I believe his problems are due in large part to food sensitivities and leaky gut issues. That he has moved to a whole/real foods, mostly primal, gluten and dairy free diet is blowing me away! I'm hoping this will make a huge difference for him (and I do believe it will.)

TIA for any info you have to share!