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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaPorter View Post
    We are military family and hubs doesn't make that much and with all my ailments I am unable to work right now. do we go Primal/Paleo on a tight budget. Grass Fed beef and bird and eggs are way outta our reach right now with as much meat as we need to eat with this WOE. I just kickin rocks with this doing it with plain old store bought meats and such?
    Depending on whether or not your husband eats at the DFAC or not will also play in to the budget (also how many meals a day). If you say he doesn't make much then I assume he is an enlisted guy probably E-5 or lower. If he has a meal card he should eat at the DFAC and make the healthiest choices he can. It will save you guys money in the long run.

    1. As stated, hubby eats breakfast in the DFAC. For example. Breakfast 5 days a week at 2.30 or so a pop costs you $46 a month. That should equate to less eggs and breakfast meats kept in the house. You should only have to cook for you and the kids.
    2. You need protein but buy chicken legs and thighs instead of breasts. They are much cheaper per pound. Get a vaccuum sealer to preserve the meat in the freezer. Shop for deals and don't get bent out of shape about not buying grass fed meat. If you can't afford it right now you can't afford it.
    3. Plan your meals for the week. Inventory what you have in the house and only buy what you need to prepare your planned meals. You'd be surprised how much extra food you buy otherwise.
    4. Remember you'll eat less naturally if you eat right. However, I would still buy some bulk nuts (walnuts, etc) to keep around the house as a small snack to curb hunger between meals. Buying bulk on expensive, relatively non-perishable items will save money.
    5. Common sense stuff like don't buy pre-packaged lettuce, veggies, etc. because they're more expensive.
    6. Don't eat out. Its a waste of money. And if you're really strapped for cash be hard on yourself. Eat out only once a month. Cooking your own food in the long run is way cheaper and you guys can get some quality time together.
    7. Save money for food by saving money elsewhere. Cancel your cable. Netflix. Reduce your cell phone bill. Reduce the driving you do (or he does) to save gas money. All that stuff can go away if your health is more important to you. Use on-post facilities like the library to rent movies.
    8. Shop at the commissary.

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    I see that I buy less now: in the sense that my shopping cart is less full, and although the items each one are bit more expensive, the total sum is the same or less, depends on the mood and offer in the shop. And we don't buy all those breads, cookies, ice creams, rice crackers, potatoes, chips, colas, bottled teas, and what not. Actually they cost LOTS of money.

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    I would recommend adding some bone broth to your diet. I had been reading recently about the ability to reduce your protein intake by consuming more bone broth. Bones are cheap, even from the grass-fed animals.
    Top 5 Reasons Why Bone Broth is The Bomb. | Underground Wellness

    Good luck with everything

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    Do you have a local butcher? The stuff he doesn't sell/throws out (offal, bones) is usually cheap and tasty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaHorse View Post
    And we don't buy all those breads, cookies, ice creams, rice crackers, potatoes, chips, colas, bottled teas, and what not. Actually they cost LOTS of money.

    I'm just starting the Primal thing but we've been eating as much grass-fed meat and dairy as we can swing for awhile. I prioritize meat and dairy over other expenses. I will definitely spend extra money on eggs or beef ober organic veg--especially the "ok" veggies that aren't among the most tainted.

    We eat a lot of free-range chicken thighs (I save all bones for broth) and ground and cheaper cuts of beef. A whole pasture-raised chicken is a real treat for us.

    I try to make things that offer a few meals. A pressure cooker is great bc you can make broth in 20 mins (beef broth would be even shorter). I will also buy meat on sale and portion it and freeze.
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    Local food co-ops are a great place to get good quality bulk foods as well as some of the 'rarer' items in the recipes (Almond meal, coconut oils, etc). Often they have local meats which tend to be priced cheaper than the equivalent at grocery stores.

    Co-op proces are lower because you have to pay a 'membership' fee to realize the savings, but in my experience it's worth the investment and pays for itself.

    be well!

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