In the past, I have read about how your body basically can only handle a certain amount of calories at one time and anything above that would be stored as fat. Now I am trying to understand this in relation to the new info I am getting from PB in terms of macros and how they really are used and how fat really is stored. I have also come across old posts here indicating that some people routinely eat most/all their calories (1500+ calories) within a few hours and fast the rest of the day. In effect, I'm all confused.

So, are there any negatives to loading calories in a short amount of time? and is it different is you are trying to maintain vs. lose weight?

I am not looking to go to 1 meal a day purposely, but there are days when I just don't think about eating (never thought I'd say that!) and I realize late in the day I haven't had more than just a protein shake mid morning. Then I try to reach my macro numbers/percentages but that could mean I am loading about 1000 in a few hours time.

Does any one have real life experience with this while trying to lose weight? Do I really need to be worrying so much about reaching my macros every day? I find I am in this situation a few times a week. In the past, I would just not worry about it but I am also reading that consistently coming in low on calories and macros can affect the weight loss. I have about 80 more to lose -just starting my journey.