Hello everyone!

Today is the first day of committing to new lifestyle changes. I've researched Paleo out and decided that it seems to be the most healthy option out there.

Like most people I've struggled with weight loss most of my life and jumped from one fad diet to the next, with no real success. I'm without a doubt addicted to sugar, caffeine and all junk foods known to man kind. Naturally I grew up in a family that didn't model proper nutrition or we were just too broke back then to afford high quality food.

I've realized that its time to push forward in this new chapter in my life, I'm also a full time college student so that imposes challenges of its own.

Anyone who's been in college knows what it's like to snack through homework or the stress eating before an exam. I know this is the general problem now I just need to counter balance it with better options.

A few questions to anyone who might read this:

1) With people who lead a busy life, what do you do for exercise? I don't currently have access to a gym so I'm looking for some inexpensive options.

2) Water: How important is it and how much should you drink a day?

3) How do you avoid and/or push through the cravings for crap food?

4) What has been your biggest success since you started a paleo lifestyle and what has been your biggest struggle?

I think this is it for now and I thank you in advance for answering any of my questions that you can.