Right now, I think I might be pregnant. I'll find out for certain in a couple days but right now
it's looking pretty likely. I was wondering if anyone has diet tips for me:

Here is a pretty typical diet for me:

2-3 eggs for breakfast cooked in coconut oil
3 slices of bacon
some fruit
Maybe a coconut/banana smoothie if I am extra hungry

I often skip lunch cause I am not hungry

Dinner is usually a huge side of veggies (assorted)
Large helping of Fish/Venison/Chicken

Sometimes I'll make either a pot of chicken or venison stew
and have a bowl for a snack. Another snack I like is
home made venison jerky.
I don't eat dairy (except for butter) because it makes me congested.
About once a week I eat organ meat (especially liver)
This is from deer my husband shoots. Or a little peanut butter (my lovable vice).

How can I make my diet even more healthy for pregnancy? What would you add/minus?
Should I add a little more starch? I do eat either potatoes or quinoa
once in a while if I crave it.