I've been primal for a few years now but lower carb primal (50-70) for the past 8 months. For longer than I can remember, I've been suffering from fatigue that I don't think is reasonable for someone of my age or fitness level. I'd really appreciate some positive and constructive suggestions. Here's a bit of background.

- 33yr old female, 106lbs 5'4.5" BF last tested at 13% two years ago...may be less now, not sure.
- Ammenhorea since 2007 after the death of a spouse
- High stress unpredictable job as a midwife on call 20days/month with frequent 24hr shifts. When not required to stay up all night I usually sleep 7-8 hrs. I also take 3-5mg melatonin every night.
- Blood hormones low (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) while recent salivary testing was low normal. Thyroid last tested as normal, iron normal
- Work outs 5-6 times/wk. Combination of long cardio (trail runs, xc ski or spinning when I can't get outside due to work), light weights/ body weight training 2-3x/wk, HIIT 1-2/wk.
- Cals 1200-1400/day 20% carb, 45% fat 35% give or take a bit

Should I try to increase my fats? Increase my carbs? Decrease the cardio (I find it really helpful for stress reduction..but it can feel like chronic cardio and a bit of a chore).

I finally feel like I have the body I'm "happy" with but just wish I had more energy to enjoy my workouts and stay awake past 930

Thanks in advance for the feedback folks!