My mother just informed me that the Norwegian government will give celiac sufferers approximately $300 each month to cover the cost of gluten free food stuffs (gluten free bread is easily 3-4 times more expensive than regular bread here).

I'm pretty sure I'm intolerant of gluten because of the insane bloating that happened the few times I slipped and had some pizza. Last summer I had a few mini tortillas and the stomach ache was so bad I had to spend three hours curled up in the fetal position on the couch because every other position hurt too much. At one point I even thought about going to the hospital because I was pretty sure that stomach ache would kill me. I have no idea why the tortillas tried to kill me when pizza only gives me a slight stomach ache..

My real dilemma is that I have to eat gluten for at least 2 months before I can get tested, and the government doesn't give money to those who are only intolerant to gluten.. The only real symptoms of celiac I had pre-primal were slight bloating, extreme fatigue and most likely a variety of vitamin deficiencies (never got tested).

I'm considering trying to eat approximately the same amount of gluten I used to pre-primal (bagel for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner) for just one day to see what symptoms do or do not appear.

Do you guys think the 2-3 months of gluten eating is worth it for a possible $300 a month payout, even though I think I'm only intolerant and not allergic?