I'm almost 2 mos into Primal. I felt really good after the first week, and I've lost a total of 10 lbs in fits and starts. This week I've noticed my my appetite is down, which isn't surprising judging from others' experience. That's fine, but I also keep getting headaches in the afternoon. Twice this week I skipped my workout to lie down after work. Ugh! I want the Primal energy everyone keeps gushing about. What could it be -- not enough water? Not enough "good" carbs, like sweet potatoes? Not enough food in general (although I'm trying not to eat when not hungry)? Just my body adjusting? I don't want to be an impatient newbie, but still... I wasn't expecting these headaches.

Typical workday meals (until this week, when I've been eating less than this):

Breakfast: Coffee with cream + smoothie (coconut milk and frozen berries and/ or mango)
Lunch: Bacon and scrambled eggs (I can go home for lunch!), sometimes with diced tomato and/ or avocado
Dinner: Some kind of meat/ vegetable combo (taco salad, stir fry, steak and salad, etc)
Occasional: Almonds, good quality dark chocolate, small piece of cheddar (experimenting with raw cheese), Kind bars.

5'6", female, 30 years old, started primal 1/7/2013
SW: 162
CW: 152
GW: 140?