Greetings! Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the primal blueprint! I have always been a natural skeptic, whether its religion, politics, my friend's MLM product, or even the conventional wisdom of the AMA, but when I stumbled upon the primal blueprint I have to say that it all made so much good sense that I was fully on-board almost right away. I feel I have a scientific mind so I love things that make sense and are based in science. I also feel I have a keen nose for pseudoscience and quackery.

Anyway, I am a young MD just out of residency in family medicine, but I have actually for a few years had a general dislike of medicines. It all started with me being keenly aware of the length of my patients' med lists and thinking how outrageous it was that someone could be on so many medications. Then came feeling embarrassed while watching pharmaceutical commercials where at the end a woman in a cheery voice listed every side effect imaginable as a possibility of taking the drug. I started to feel depressed about the fact that I was prescribing people these medicines. I would try to give them advice towards making lifestyle changes for their diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, insomnia, etc but it wasn't yielding results. I felt pressure to prescribe medicines because it seemed most patients wanted quick "fixes" to their problems. Many were unwilling or unable to even make the modest lifestyle changes I was suggesting, so I would end up prescribing them the Lipitor or blood pressure pill, and don't even get me started on diabetes. That went along with feeling pressured to prescribe antibiotics and cough syrups to demanding patients coming in with typically viral infections. I could go on and on really. We have such an unhealthy population that I was getting depressed about that fact that I felt I was just prescribing pills to cover up for other people's unhealthy lifestyles, and the bad part is I didn't feel I was really making them any healthier! In the big picture I felt I was more part of the problem than the solution to our nations healthcare (read: sickcare) crisis. Well I have been advocating for the primal blueprint diet to my patients recently, and I am interested to see how many will make the lifestyle changes necessary to get off their meds. Of course, I tell them that this is the "diet" that I personally follow and that gives me more credibility, especially since I'm pretty fit. As of now I'm really struggling with how to go forward in this field where there is such a high demand and pressure to prescribe pills. I do believe that for some people and conditions, pills are more necessary, but for the vast majority of things they are not. As we speak, I'm seriously considering going back to residency for emergency medicine, where I'm dealing with more severe, acute illness. I think I'll be much more happy in that arena since those are the things I already enjoy the most treating as a family doctor. So, wish me luck!