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Thread: Down with blood pressure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigel View Post
    I was taking two medications for blood pressure last march and 240lbs at 5'11" with BP of 130/80. After three months I had lost 16lbs and the BP had dropped into the normal range. I contacted my doctor and asked which med I should stop. At six months I had lost about 35lbs and the BP was again in the normal range so I stopped the other BP med too. It's now steady at about 110/75. I also stopped taking statins. Lastly, I had late onset asthma and used a steroid inhaler twice a day. I decided to stop using the device in the new year and have not gone back to it.

    It's obvious that the weight loss brought my blood pressure down. However, I put the asthma going away down to what I eat and how I exercise nowadays. I shall have a blood test this month to see how my cholesterol is doing after being Primal Lite for a year.
    Man, I can't believe you were on medication with BP at 130/80. I thought 120/80 was regarded as normal with the lower figure more important. At that rate yours would barely be elevated at all. Mine was up to 140/90 for years and my doctor never expressed much concern at all.

    Nevertheless, congrats on all your health improvements, well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    Yeah, I went from 160/100 to 110/80 in a year. I think it's primarily going lower carb and lower salt meaning less water (even though I liberally salt all my food now and never did before).
    Actually MM its interesting that I also literally sprinkle everything with salt. And my BP has come down from 150/110 to about 120ish/70ish.
    I wonder if there is alot MORE sodium in processed food than stated ???????
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    Congrats on the lower BP readings everybody! The less meds we have to take, the better as far as I'm concerned.

    Even with vigorous exercise (cardio/gym 4 days a week) and a perfect weight my BP stayed high necessitating 2 BP meds since about 1989. When I went Primal, as soon as I dumped the sugar and all grains, my BP dropped to where it was almost too low. Off all those meds now and I'm 69 years old!

    I think the exercise and optimal weight play a factor, but at least for me, nothing really happened until I dumped the sugar and all grains/legumes.

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    I developed high blood pressure just before delivering my fourth child last October. It got as high as about 190/115 at the hospital...VERY scary. I spent the next several months on different medications, but it wasn't until I went primal about 2 months ago that my blood pressure went down suddenly and dramatically. Within only a matter of a couple of days, I was able to stop my medication, and since then I've been getting readings as low as 107/63.

    I know my blood pressure issues were related to pregnancy hormones so it probably would have gradually come down, but the change in diet really seemed to make a huge difference. I've lost only around 8 pounds (I was at an average weight to begin with), so for me it wasn't tied to weight loss so much as the change in eating. And interestingly, I was eating fairly healthfully before...except for wheat. I was eating wheat all day long (bread, bagels, Sun Chips, cookies, etc.). As soon as I stopped eating all gluten, my blood pressure plummeted.

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    The doc took me of almost all my medication (still taking 2 of the original 7) 6 months ago... I started Primal 5 weeks ago... Tuesday I'll have my check up... I can't wait to see the results... I really hope my BP got low enough to stay off the meds...
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