One thing I really struggled with last time around was the concept of eating enough.

Look, I didn't get fat by eating a lot. I got fat by eating crap. Even in my SAD days, I maxed at around 1300cals. When I last was eating Primal (and I imagine I'll encounter the same this go around) I would hit about 1200 and be stuffed - and I mean STUFFED! - but these leaves me with the thought that I am not "eating enough."

My goal is weight loss at first. I am very obese and ideally we are looking at around 100+ lbs to lose. (god, I think that might be the first time I've wrote looks gross).

I know the idea is just eat until full. And sure I can always add fat to throw in some extra cals but is it necessary? Oddly, a very high fat diet makes me crave the opposite: sweets. I'd rather avoid this as much as possible.

Thoughts? Ideas?