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Thread: Are sugar and starch metabolically identical, thus health wise identical?

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    What? "If its not in an actual piece of fruit". Sounds perfectly whole food primal philosophy. Fructose outside of whole foods should be avoided because it is processed by the liver and taken in large boluses without other factors to slow absorption and particular micronutrients to mitigate the damage could place undue demand on the liver causing issue. Is that zealous to say? I think its a fairly accurate statement based on the literature.

    I'd go as far as to say if you are eating primal then eat as much fruit as you see fit. Not really arguing that. Well re-reading his number 2. in that one post I suppose that is what you guys are taking issue with. How much fruit debatable subject if you wanna delve into diet minutia and likely to be part of each persons N=1.... heck even Denise who username linked said this:

    "Note: This isn’t a post about how much fruit we should or shouldn’t be eating, or how much fruit we’ve eaten in the past, or how many apples it’ll take to turn your liver into a ready-to-explode fructose grenade. Those are some hot issues, and I’m not sure they can be reasonably addressed with current research (for instance, there are virtually no studies on the effects of fruit-derived fructose in healthy humans, and quantifying historical fruit consumption is extremely difficult)."

    It's all good. Long as its in context of primal have your fruits IMO have at your fruits. If your going 80/10/10 though all bets are off
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    Cant really argue, i also agree that any sugar taken in should come from whole foods. Although i dont think some honey, maple syrup or even table sugar needs to be avoided at all costs. I was mostly arguing his Kurt Harris/Lustig views.

    I also dont think 80/10/10 style diets are healthy but it isnt the fructose i would worry about.

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