Love this site and PB. I've lost weight without feeling deprive, developed a non-crazy workout routine, etc...

However, I break from PB on a few areas.

1. Standing -- I understand the risks of sedentary desk jobs. But standing, IMO, is not a good solution. Why? Well, because I hate it. It reminds me of Mass. And when would Grok just stand there? He'd walk, sprint, dance, lie, sit, swim. Mark has written about people in pre-industrial cultures squatting. I think he's on to something there. But standing? Bah.

2. BAS -- I love a huge Chef's salad as much as the next person. But, on the whole, I'm not big on the daily intake of rabbit food. When I first started PB, I'd make a BAS to go with my steak. Then I realized I could just take the spinach bunch and throw it into the pan with steak, butter and onions. What's lost? I think we should take our cue here from Mediterranean cultures -- small, tasty salads with fat. The BAS is the same American thinking, more is better, that led to the Super Big Gulp.

3. Abs -- Hmm, an anagram of item 2. Anyhow I don't get it. Putting this through the Grok-test again, how and why would a paleo develop washboard abs? You can lift heavy things, throw spears, swim, walk, run and you won't get them. To do that you have to do some sort of exercise that has no ancestral survival analog. And frankly I just don't like the looks of 'em. A flat stomach, yes. A six-pack, no.

Feel free to heap scorn.