So I've gone out and bought a pull-up bar. I have absolutely no upper body strength. I did my assessment 2 days ago, and confirmed I have no upper body strength. So as a female, my assessment indicated that I start with knee push-ups, 2-legged assisted chair pullups, bench squats and hand/feet planks.

I'm not sure just how much time I am suppose to be spending on each movement, so I decided to go for exhaustion, and my time between reps was minimal, because I want endurance.

**If any veterans to this program could clarify for me amount of time I should spend on each movement trying to obtain my goal reps, it would be appreciated.

Round 1

Knee pushups - 15
Assisted pullup (2 legs) - 5 (how embarrassing is that. I told you I had no upper body strength.)
Bench squat - 55
hand/feet plank - 25/23/18 (my arms started to give out)

Round 2

Knee pushups - 18
Assisted pullup (2 legs) - 5 (this really is embarrassing)
Bench squat - 55
Forearm/feet plank - 25/23/25 (my upper body strength failed me. my poor wobbly arms couldn't hold me, in part because they were tired from the push/pullups and well you know the other. So I switched to forearms, because then i felt like the focus was off my arms and on my core.)

I won't bore you all with my workout everytime, but I am hoping for some direction in what I have and haven't accomplished. I know I worked hard when I was doing the exercises, but I finished so quickly, that I am feeling unfinished.