Hello all,

I am currently following a leangains-esque intermittent fasting and workout routine (while only eating wonderfully delicious primal food, of course). Specifically, my workout is nearly identical to the one here: ‘Three Day Split RPT’ Routine | RippedBody.jp
Basically, it's a 3 day barbell routine focusing on heavy as you can Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, and Chin-ups.

At the same time, my feeding window every day is less than or equal to 8 hours, and my fasting window is greater than or equal to 16 hours. I usually only fast for 16 hours, but occasionally fast 24 hours. Also, I often eat for only 6 or 7 hours. I've never been as healthy or fit.

Now, due to a few schedule complications my workouts usually end while there are about 90-120 minutes left in my fasting window. Ideally, I'd have them end when my fasting window is over or after... but for now that is not possible.

My question is, for optimal muscle growth and fat loss, which of these two methods work better:
1.) Continue fasting post workout. Eat large primal meal after. (Lose any benefits received from fast-acting whey).
2.) Consume some whey protein post workout (in fasting window). Specifically, something similar to the one Mark offers. Continue "fasting" til window is over.

Today, I gave in and succumbed to the chocolaty temptation that is my True Athlete- Natural Whey Protein.