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Thread: Foot Fitness for Kids, when being barefoot isn't an option

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    there are a ton of physical therapy exercises that are helpful. its necessary to treat the weakness in the feet and body first. one exercise is just standing on a towel, fanning the toes out to reach and grab up as much towel as possible and scrunching them in so the toes grasp the towel and drag it towards the heals, hold and release to make the towel as flat as possilbe. look up some of these exercises, many are used by ballerinas and gymnasts. they make some great and comfortable arch/ankle support compression socks that can be warn with shoes that really help to support the arch and allow the foot to walk in a much better position. i use them and can say they save my feet on days when i have to walk around like a mad women at work(i farm). i wear them with shoes with a very slight arch but no real cushion that are wide.

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    Posted this on another thread. Realize that if you decide to keep your child in traditional shoes and orthotics, you will cause him to be flat footed for the rest of his life. Fact. Like it or not. Orthotics and motion control shoes have only been around for a few decades.......our feet have been with us forever. Let them work.

    I'm very very flat footed. 33 yr old and wore almost every type of motion control shoe or orthotic for flat feet there is. 3 yrs ago, about the same time I went primal, I started wearing minimalist shoes....starting with five fingers. Running up to a mile, then working my way up. Same with day to day wear....I'm a nurse and on my feet alot. It's mixed emotions. Grateful that I now actually have a little bit of an arch and no ankle, knee, or shin pain (part of life before barefoot). But also wish I had been doing this since I was a child. My parents went with conventional wisdom and had me in orthotics as a child. Exact opposite of what I should have been doing. So, the thoughts of what could have been. I've changed the future though, and my two little flat feeted toddlers wear minimalist shoes and sure enough, they have arches now and are less and less flat footed every month. The reality? Our feet are designed to support our body and any type of running or walking we choose to do. Let your feet do just that.

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    Barefoot alternatives

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodeyh View Post
    of going barefoot and doing some natural strengthening than sticking some piece of molded rubber in his shoes.

    All that being said, he can't walk around barefoot all day because he's in public school. So I'm thinking about getting him a pair of Merrell barefoot sneakers, similar to one of the barefoot shoes I have and like.

    Opinions and evidence are greatly appreciated.
    I live a barefoot lifestyle, at least as much as possible. The shoes I wear when I must wear them are from VIVOBAREFOOT | The original barefoot shoe | Barefoot Running | Barefoot Shoes | Home which have a very thin soul, which is about as barefoot you can get with a closed toe shoe. The sandals I wear are from Huaraches Barefoot Running Sandals of the Tarahumara Indians | they also have a very thin and flexible sole. Both should give your son as close to a barefoot feel as possible without going barefoot when he can't.

    Hope this is helpful,


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