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Thread: Coconut Oil Chocolate recipe

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    also cinnamon is a good sub for cheyanne in it -- if you want some 'spice' that doesn't have quite as much heat.

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    Oh, I have a good coconut oil chocolate recipe.

    Coconut oil, melted
    Unsweetened cocoa powder
    Glucose syrup or maple syrup -- glucose syrup ( Glucose 8.5 Ounces-: Home & Kitchen) I bought this by mistake (thought it was regular powdered glucose), and it's a really thick, sticky glucose syrup that's used to make gum??? That's what it says on the container, but it really thickens up whatever it is you put it in. I think it's great for making candy.
    Unsweetened shredded coconut

    I eyeball all the ingredients so no measurements. I start with the CO (approx 2-3 Tbsp) and add enough cocoa powder to thicken up the oil (so that it has a chocolate sauce-like consistency). Then I add a heaping spoonful of the glucose syrup--probably around 1.5-2 Tbsp (glucose is not very sweet). The glucose syrup will really thicken up the mixture. I also taste it for sweetness. If making it for other people (who like things sweeter), I'll add some maple syrup to increase the sweetness. Finally, I add enough shredded coconut so that the mixture obtains a somewhat solid consistency. The mixture should stick together, and you should be able to shape it into balls, place on a parchment paper-lined plate, and refrigerate.

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