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Thread: Interesting article

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    Interesting article

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    Long time lurker...I did buy the book tho!

    Interesting article...seems to confirm what is obvious to the PB community.

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    That's a great article. And welcome to the forums!

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    This is so silly. Weston A. Price and his minions (ha, just joking) have known this stuff for decades, my grandparents practice it to this day (96 and still kicking), and Grok, well Grok knew this stuff waaaaaay back in the day.

    Also any truly awesome biochemist like Grokologist or various paleo bloggers who put their mind to nutrition know this stuff too. I wonder if the convention Dieticians, Nutritionists, and MDs will take a hint and correct their errors. Doubt it.
    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

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    I am not holding out much hope. We would have to conquer the whole processed food industry, those lobbyist are too powerful. We may gain more general acceptance, but I am not accepting much more than that.

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