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Thread: Mama~Mare gone Primal

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    Mama~Mare gone Primal that word!

    To make a long story short, I have been obsessed with food and health for as long as I can remember. This obsession has evolved over the years as I have matured.

    Here is what today looks like:

    6 am coffee with coconut milk and a splash of half n half

    9 am out with a friend for coffee and had a giant soy latte (yes, I know it's not primal)

    12:30 Still out with friend. We decided Mexican sounded good. When those frickin tortilla chips and salsa were put on the table I was able to check in with myself. My body was not craving them but my emotions were. That has been a favorite snack since childhood and has so many great times with loved ones attached to it. I verbalized this to my friend and DIDN'T EAT ANY! I ordered the steak fajita salad with no dressing. It was delish and I stopped eating when I was comfortable. Got the rest in a to go box.

    2:00 Gym for 30 mins on the elliptical

    3:30 mint tea with 1 TBS coconut oil

    4:30 the rest of my salad and a spoon full of almond butter

    5:30 roasted rainbow swiss chard

    Dinner should be soon seeing as it's 7:30, prolly a giant salad with some pork roast that I made the other day. Tonight I'm going to try not to follow dinner with an almond butter chaser........

    Hey, the cool thing is: Tomorrow is a new day!

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