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Thread: Good articles about primal for introducing people?

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    Good articles about primal for introducing people?

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    I am wondering if there are any good blog posts or news articles or something about primal that might be more friendly to someone of a conventional wisdom mindset? My dad is in his sixties; he has high blood pressure, excess weight, water retention issues, etc. Anyways he is trying to lose weight but is doing something somewhere between conventional wisdom and primal. He is a very meat and potatoes kind of guy but doesn't care for vegetables, drinks diet soda (though I think he is starting to replace that with fruit juice) and is starting to eat more "sugar free" products. He tells me that he thinks he is losing weight because he is hungry all of the time. I told him maybe he should eat more (good) fat so he feels more satiated and he replied that he is already fat enough. He does eat out most of the time and will only cook simple quick things like throw a pork chop on the grill and microwave a potato for dinner. He also is the type to take five million herbal supplements and claim they all help him. Anyways I am just looking for a quiet way to introduce some primal concepts to him (like eating fat doesn't mean getting fat, fruit juice is full of sugar (fructose) , diet soda is still crap even if it doesn't have sugar in it etc) by just leaving a few articles or such lying around his computer desk etc. Whether he changes anything or not is his choice but I still wouldn't mind introducing him to the idea or primal anyways. Any suggestions?
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