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Thread: Wise Woman's Ways

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    Wise Woman's Ways

    I am a former vegan, but on my doctor's advice began adding animal protein back into my diet. I decided to eat paleo/primal a couple of weeks ago and have been re-inventing my kitchen, throwing out stuff I don't need on this way of eating, like beans, rice and potatoes.

    I wanted to blog about my progress, but as soon as some of my vegan friends found out I had switched to this way of eating all heck broke loose and I was criticized, mocked and generally made to feel like poop. I got discouraged and took my blog down. It's hard enough going primal at my age after a lifetime of wrong eating (which contributed to my bad health) without getting a lot of flak. But then I decided to just keep doing what I am doing. My health is more important than what anyone else thinks of me
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