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Thread: Wise Woman's Ways

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    You can also explain to others who notice your dietary changes that you have found certain foods are causing you pain and how eating this way helps so much. People don't question me much anymore as they know I'm nuts


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    I have been on a primal diet for about 3 weeks now. I have been sleeping better than I had in 10 years. I also lost 8 lbs. I decided to do a little experiment a couple of days ago. I added grains back for just 2 days. Both nights I tossed and turned all night and woke up early. I also gained 2 lbs. That's about all the experimenting I'm going to do. It's obvious that eating more meat was helping me sleep better, not to mention losing the grains helped me lose weight and adding them back made me gained weight. I am amazed at how fast the change was. I googled meat and sleep and found out that meat and even dairy have something called tryptophan and it helps produce serotonin which helps people sleep better. I had always thought that the reason people got sleepy after a big Thanksgiving meal was because of the stuffing, but I found out it was because of the tryptophan in the turkey! I am learning something new everyday while eating paleo/primal.

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